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Lake Volvi is the second biggest lake in Greece and it is only 10 minutes away from Villa Riviera. Birdwatching, Bird photographing, windsurfing, canoeing, kitesurfing, horse riding, bicycling and hiking are recommended at Lake Volvi. Lake Koronia is very popural for birdwatching and bird photographing too.

Along with lake Volvi, lake Koroneia were once a part a united lake inside of the Mygdonia area. Today their physiognomy is totally different. Not deep and with low oxygen level during the summer is lake Koroneia, deep and with more oxygen is lake Volvi.

Two remarkable forests are located in the area. The forest of Rentina on the sides of river Rihios, known as Makedonika Tempi, and the forest of Apollonia, on the side of lake Volvi.

In the width area of the lake, it have been recorded 336 kinds of plants. 13 of them are consider to be extremely rear. Between the two lakes, Volvi and Koroneia are two huge perennial plane trees. They offer a large number of nests for the birds and have been declared as natural monuments.

It has also been recorded 24 species of fishes living in lake Volvi. 19 amphibian species, 34 mammal species and over 300 species of birds. Lake Volvi is considered to be a stand for many migratory birds and a place to spend the winter and reproduction for some other. The Makedonika Tempi, particularly is an important passage for predatory species.

For guided tours at Koroneia – Volvi National Park you can contact with the Koroneia – Volvis  Management Authority here:

Lake Kerkini 

One of the most beautiful places in Greece is Lake Kerkini.  Its  unique wetland has been declared as National Park according to Ramsar Convention and it is one out of ten wetlands of International Importance of Greece.

The riparian plantations consisting of riparian forests of wild willows, the suspended water-lilies expanded in a surface of thousands hectares, the fish high diversity, the buffalos swimming in lake’s calm water and the great mountainous areas of Belles and Krousia give a unique grace to this land.

The lake offers the ideal conditions for bird watching. It is one of the best places in Europe for natural watching of about 300 rare and protected bird species that live and breed here. It is no coincidence that many scientists and amateurs from around the world visit us every year for their research.

From Villa Riviera to Lake Volvi 

From Villa Riviera to Lake Koroneia

From Villa Riviera to Lake Kerkini

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