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Ammouliani is a small, majestic island, the unique inhabited in Macedonia, right across from Mount Athos. Around a complex of smaller islands, Drenia, ideal for swimming and diving. Surrounded by the sea breeze and the sense of hospitality offered by the locals, offers many accommodation and entertainment options.

The walks around the island reveal the traditional houses, the courtyards with the fishermen’s’ nets, small gardens with vegetables, the blooming gardens. All tidy and clean. The locals are involved with fishing, even having the largest fleet in Macedonia, with tourism and the olives’ cultivation…

There are frequently ferry boat routes from Tripiti port to island on a daily basis. The journeys’ duration is approximately 15 minutes and the fare is low enough. To avoid any inconvenience, it is recommended to be at the harbor 15-30 minutes before the departure. The ticket for the passengers is 2,20€ and for the normal passenger cars is 10,10€.  For the timetable you can visit:

From Villa Riviera to Tripiti

From Villa Riviera To Tripiti

The Perfect Blue Beach – Ammouliani

The Perfect Blue Beach - Ammouliani